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Program Overview

Our Custom Lever Design Program helps guide architects, builders, developers, and designers to turn their vision into reality. We work with you to custom design and fabricate unique levers to elevate your signature projects.

The Process

Use the form below to tell us about your project. Our design consultant/product specialist will arrange a virtual meeting with you to discuss your project or opportunity. Our team will review your project, move forward to completion of the CAD drawings, and later to prototyping of the design. During this process, we can further discuss the overarching needs of your project.

Integrity, Quality & Innovation


A pioneer of the hardware products industry, Lawrence Hardware has a remarkable history of success and innovation. The company proudly traces its origins back to 1876 when the Lawrence Brothers founded the company. For more than 145 years, Lawrence Hardware has been firmly committed to being at the forefront of the markets that it serves. This has been accomplished by putting customers first, a commitment that has guided the company from the beginning. 

Custom Fabrication & Manufacturing

Our manufacturing plants are equipped with the latest technology and innovation. From design to engineering, from CNC fabricating to finishing, we have got you covered. Our sophisticated production and manufacturing processes allow us to provide you with the fastest turnaround in the industry for custom designs. 

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